Closed sandwiches

English nobleman who lived in the 18th century, John Montague, the fourth Earl of Sandvich, became famous throughout the world and made his name appellative by inventing closed sandwiches.

The Earl of Sandvich was inventor of a sandwich in which the filling was placed between two slices of bread.

This sandwich has gained popularity because it was easier to hold it in a hand than usual open sandwich. This fact was very important for the Earl because he had to solve very important affairs that prevented him from taking breaks for meals, besides the economic benefits of such food was also very attractive to him.

The fact is that John Montagu of Sandwich was a member of the Parliament of England and executed duties of the Foreign Secretary and the Navy Minister of the British Empire. The Earl had prepared a world expedition of Captain Cook, which took place in 1778. During this expedition were discovered islands, which originally were called by the name of the Earl - the South Sandwich Islands and the largest island of the subantarctic archipelago in the South Atlantic was named John Montague. In our days these islands are better known as Hawaii islands.

For preparation of the sandwiches are commonly used special rolls of oval shape. But regular slices of loaves also will be fine. They should be about 5 millimeters thick, and without crusts.

Stuffing for closed as well as for opened sandwiches, can be absolutely different.

With the spread of sandwiches the variety of them has grown. Each country has its own version of the sandwich. Step by step sandwiches became part of the national culinary culture of Great Britain and the United States. In the United States, the day when John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich was born, is officially called a sandwich day. They celebrate it on November 3. 

In addition to cold sandwiches, now there are hot sandwiches.  First they’re preparing the usual way, and then they are dipped in a beaten egg, crumbed and then fried.

It is appropriate to eat sandwiches by holding it in your hand or put sandwich on a plate and eat it with knife and fork. Only the personal preference is the matter in this question.

There are different sizes of sandwiches. They can be tiny, of the banquet size, for only one bite, and of absolutely gigantic proportions.

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