Hot Sandwiches

Hot sandwiches can be an excellent variant of any kind of meal, but only if it is properly cooked. Especially since this is the most popular dish all over the world. You can prepare hot sandwiches on a pan, in the oven, in the microwave, in specially designed for this toasters and in an air grill, etc. The main thing is to choose the right ingredients.

The most popular and easy to prepare is a hot sandwich with cheese, which can be prepared in minutes. Regardless its simplicity, this sandwich has a terrific taste and aroma. To prepare it you’ll need a bun (or slice of French loaf, etc.), butter, hard cheese, herbs, spices according to your taste.

The preparation of it is also not difficult. A bun should be cut in half (or just take a slice of bread) spread butter on it, put herbs and spices, and at the end put slice of cheese on the top. Put sandwiches in the oven or in microwave for few minutes till the cheese will melt. Then take out sandwiches and give them time to cool a little.

This sandwich recipe can serve as a starter and as a basic recipe for preparation of sandwiches with a variety of fillings. To this sandwich, you can add the tomatoes, almost any other vegetable, any sausages, slices of cooked meat or fish, and many more.

You’ll have very tasty sandwiches if you use potatoes and mushrooms for fillings. For this sandwich you’ll need: a slice of loaf, potato, carrot, champignons, eggs, mayonnaise, salt, spices, garlic.

Peeled potato should be grated on a big grater, and for carrot use the  average grater. Champignons should be cut into sticks. Mix the vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, salt and spices. The resulting mass put on the slice of bread and fry in vegetable oil at first on the side of filling, and then fry on other side. Mix mayonnaise and garlic and spread this mixer on the sandwiches.

Hot sandwiches with pineapple and cheese have an interesting taste. To prepare them you will need: slices of white bread, slices of boiled chicken meat, slices of canned pineapple, hard cheese. On a slice of bread you need to put chicken, pineapple and sprinkle everything with grated cheese. Bake the sandwiches in the oven or microwave.

Sure, you shouldn’t constantly eat even the most delicious hot sandwiches. But sometimes you can pamper yourself.

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