Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is very tasty and healthy treat, especially in a cold winter evening. It not only warms and nourishes the body, but also uplifts the spirit.

Initially, when chocolate was brought to Europe, it was used only as a hot drink. In those days it was considered as a medicine. Only in the first half of XIX century they began to produce chocolate candies and solid chocolate bars. 

Hot chocolate only relatively can be called a drink. It's more a dessert which is prepared on the basis of the chocolate bar, milk and spices.

The main component both of hot chocolate and cocoa are cocoa beans, but chocolate includes  fat and calorie cocoa butter, while cocoa is prepared from cocoa powder, which is obtained after removal cocoa butter from cocoa beans. Therefore, even these drinks somewhat similar, yet they have their own quite significant differences. 

There are many recipes of this drink-dessert.

One of them is: 

To prepare hot chocolate at home you have to heat milk in a bain marie and melt chocolate bar in milk. After it will completely melt in milk, add to the resulting mass sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. After that, you have to add whipped egg and heat for 3-4 minutes over medium heat constantly stirring the chocolate without boiling. After this, the resulting mass is necessary to whip well, pour into cups and decorate with chocolate shavings or whipped cream. 

To prepare thick hot chocolate you need to take milk with melted in it chocolate and add starch which was diluted in milk to it and boil the resulting mixture for a short time until it becomes thicker. Add sugar and spices according to your taste.

You’ll get a very tasty drink  if you add bananas to it. To prepare it you should put chocolate and chopped pieces of banana into hot milk. When chocolate will melt completely whip the resulting mass in a blender and pour out the drink into glasses and sprinkle it with cinnamon.

Lovers of white chocolate can use their favorite treat to make hot chocolate of white color.

For hot chocolate you need to take ingredients only of high quality. In this case, you can get a really tasty and healthy dessert.

The ingredients of hot chocolate can include not only essential ones but also a wide variety additives. Egg yolk and starch make a drink thicker, spices and alcohol give it a special flavor and taste. The composition of hot chocolate may include cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, vanilla, chili, fruit, dried fruit, ice cream, brandy, rum and liqueur.

In any case, hot chocolate is a fattening dessert.

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