Several European countries consider a bun their national pastry. Peoples of Russian North, Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Finns love buns. And in Sweden since 1999 people have been celebrating “The day of Buns” on October 4.

Russian name of this pastry "plyushka" originated from the Old Russian word "plyushchka", that means “flat", since the shape of buns are fairly flat.

Buns are special kind of pastries, that look different from others because of their original form.

Buns are made from rich fermented dough, which is twisted in bundles, and then tie these bundles into "bows", lightly pressed down and sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon or other confectionery toppings.

For the long history of baking buns there are a lot of recipes of these delicious biscuits. Buns usually are prepared sweet and served as the dessert with tea or coffee.

Sprinklings for buns in addition to the traditional sugar,  can be cinnamon, chocolate crumbs, coconut, raisins, poppy seeds, nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds. You can also prepare buns with stuffing. For the filling you can use thick jam, cottage-cheese, fruits and berries.

Shapes of the finished product also are various. The buns can be made in the form of butterflies, sun, eights, boats, ropes, shells, flowers (for example chrysanthemum), etc.

To prepare delicious buns in the kitchen is not difficult.

For the sugar buns you will need:

• 10 g of dry yeast;

• 50 g of vegetable oil;

• 70 g of butter;

• one egg;

• glass of milk;

• half cup of sugar;

• pinch of salt;

• vanillin;

• about three cups of wheat flour.

Dilute yeast in warm milk with two tablespoons of sugar. In a 10 minutes, when the yeast will begin to work you need to mix it with the sifted flour, the remaining sugar, melted butter, vegetable oil, vanilla, salt and knead the dough.

The dough should be placed in a container, lightly sprinkle it with flour, cover with a towel and put it in a warm place for about 40-50 minutes. During this time, the dough will get ready, and you can use it to make buns.

Ways of "plaiting" the buns are many and you can use any of them.

Buns should be placed on a baking tray, brush them with egg, beaten with sugar, and give them about half an hour to rest, then bake buns for about half an hour at the temperature of 175 - 180 ° C.

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